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Change Partnership joins CAN Europe

In October, Change Partnership was elected to Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe’s membership. CAN Europe is the largest coalition of civil society organisations working on climate and energy issues. With over 120 member organisations in more than 30 European countries – representing over 44 million citizens – CAN Europe works to prevent dangerous climate change and promote sustainable climate and energy policy in Europe.

CAN Europe is part of a worldwide network of more than 700 NGOs working to promote […]

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Future of carbon markets after Paris

Change Partnership and the Rock Environmental and Energy Institute (REEI) are organising a high-level seminar in Beijing, China on 14 September, 2015 at 17h local time.

The aim of the event is to bring together leading experts from the European Union and those working on the design of the Chinese national ETS to discuss key architecture and operational issues. Vicky Pollard, First Counsellor- Environment and Climate Change, Delegation of the European Union to China and Mongolia will be joined by Mr […]

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G20 must phase-out fossil fuel subsidies

Today Change Partnership together with 65 other leading civil society organisations sent this letter to G20 Ministers outlining how they can fulfil their commitments to address climate change by phasing out subsidies for fossil fuels.

The letter builds on the commitment of the G7 to decarbonise the global economy over the course of this century and recommends the G20 to “incite clear action towards decarbonisation and climate ambition in advance of the global climate summit in Paris”. It also identifies three key […]

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Finnish elections: Centre Party secures victory and negotiates coalition

Finnish voters have elected their Parliament on Sunday, 19 April. The Centre Party won 24.5% of the votes, followed by the Finns Party and the National Coalition Party. As negotiations for a governing coalition will soon begin, check our grid overview of the main six parties and their climate and energy policies.

The Centre Party will lead negotiations to form a new government

The liberal agrarian Centre Party, led by Juha Sipilä won 49 out of the 200 seats of the […]

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The dangers of not cutting mercury emissions

Cutting highly toxic mercury emissions must be the priority of the upcoming revision of European clean air policy.  The EU’s signed up to the Minamata Convention on mercury, a legally-binding treaty to cut mercury emissions, as a first step taken in the right direction, but urgent domestic action is required to protect its citizens, animals and ecosystems.

The health risks posed by mercury and its organic compound methylmercury (MeHg) are significant, especially for women and children. Methylmercury can seriously affect […]

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Energy Community countries risk losing € billions unless they modernise their energy systems

Outdated energy infrastructure, increasing fossil-fuel capacity and massive electricity losses through distribution and transmission are some of the key challenges faced by Energy Community countries, according to a Change Partnership analysis released on Tuesday.

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine have to revise their investment strategies to account for water stress, environmental and climate change impacts which will have a dramatic impact on their future development. A carbon price signal, introduced either through an emissions trading system, […]

Latest leak of 2030 Council Conclusions

With less than 10 days to go to the European Council governments are edging closer to a deal as this latest leak of the Council conclusions, dated 13 October, indicates. The key points are:
– 40% GHG target is now almost accepted with only a few governments seeking a lower target. The ETS is to deliver 40% reductions by 2030 from 2005 emissions and non-ETS sectors 30% reductions.
– The ETS linear reduction will move from 1.74% to 2.2% .
– Innovation will […]

Leak of 2030 Council Conclusions

Donald Tusk, newly appointed President of the European Council, has managed to get a massive deal for Poland and CEE Countries through a transfer of EU ETS allowances estimated to be worth over €10 billion as the carbon price improves. This leak shows that Governments have also agreed to revenue hypothecation to support industrial innovation.  Further developments to come.

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Human chain against lignite exploitation in Germany and Poland

7,500 people from 27 countries joined hands in an 8 kilometre human chain across the German-Polish border. They protested against a project of opencast brown coal mining that could entail communities’ resettlement in both countries and undermine the drive to mitigate climate change.
The chain linked the villages of Kerkwitz in Germany, and Grabice in Poland, over the Neisse river, on Saturday 23 August. The 3,000 residents of the two villages fear relocation as a result of investments by a […]

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Shattering the myth of carbon leakage

Change Partnership’s response to the European Commission’s consultation on carbon leakage provisions post 2020 can be viewed here. This is the most controversial area of EU climate policy. The myth of ‘carbon leakage’ is the main reason why the wrong climate targets are set and perversely and why companies are subsidised for their pollution rather than having to pay for it.
There are three things to note:
i) there is no evidence of ‘leakage’ having taken place in the period 2005-2012 according […]

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