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‘Do the right thing and do it now’ says the International Energy Agency (IEA)

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is one of the few institutions that fully grasps the dire predicament that climate change will have on energy generation and its subsequent impacts on economic growth and social stability. Fatih Birol, the IEA’s Chief Economist, has become one of the leading global figures stressing the urgency for action before capital-intensive investments lock-in greenhouse gas emissions beyond the 2 degrees Celsius threshold. In fact, we are currently on course for a rise of at […]

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EEAG Leak – Germany, France, Italy and UK threaten to kill State Aid guidelines

Following on from our leak of the EEAG State Aid guidelines, the politics of the debate has gone up to a new level as Germany, France, Italy and the UK come out strongly against playing by EU rules. This confidential letter on the EEAG demands the Commission relax EU rules to allow these governments to set up their own rules on who they are going to subsidise in their industrial sectors.
They ignore the problems we face collectively when common rules are […]

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Government leaders ignore the people on climate change action

Hundreds of people gathered outside the European Council whilst leaders inside dithered on agreeing urgently needed targets to address climate change, speed up energy savings and investment in renewable energies to reduce our dependence on Russian fossil fuels and boost equitable economic growth.

What would make the 2030 strategy work?

Demonstrators denounced the lack of ambition of the 2030 climate change and energy plans proposed by the Commission and called them “dirty and dangerous”. They asked for serious, binding targets of […]

Leak of draft energy and environment state aid guidelines – EEAG

 The controversial State Aid guidelines on energy and environment have just entered final consultation within the European Commission with a view to publication in the coming weeks. This leaked draft of the current state aid guidelines shows considerable movement to soften the Commission’s attempt to kill off renewables energy support schemes. Governments have also come out strongly against the Commission’s proposal but prefer to water them down further.
The Commission proposed ending special electricity prices for producers of renewable energy commonly referred […]

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Exclusive leak: March European Council conclusions delay agreement on climate and energy security

Leaked document shows that Europe’s leaders will meet on 20-21 March and delay agreement on the EU’s greenhouse gas targets to 2030, the single most important decision of our lifetimes.

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Leaked copy of new EU ETS legislation

The European Commission will launch this important draft legislation on 22 January to fix the troubled EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). The aim of this legislative proposal is to introduce a reserve of ETS allowances to remove dramatic price collapses that have undermined its effectiveness.

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Leaked copy of EU shale gas communication

The European Commission will launch this draft communication on shale gas on 22 January 2014 as part of a series of measures to establish a climate and energy framework to 2030. The aim is to create a harmonised approach to assessing and managing the environmental impact ‘fracking’, the process by which a combination of chemicals are used to blast open stone to release the gas stored within. The environmental impact has been a considerable issue especially concerning water pollution […]

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Leaked version of the Commission’s energy costs and competitiveness impacts on the EU economy

On 22 January the Commission will launch a measures to address climate change and promote clean energy systems to 2030. This document is an attempt to undermine the case for setting the very much needed climate and energy targets and therefore scupper the likelihood of agreeing an effective international treaty on climate change.
EC 2013 – Cost of Energy in Europe DRAFT

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Train to Poland: Occupy Warsaw to protect the climate

Change Partnership has teamed up Climate Justice and a host of other civil society voices to occupy the streets of Warsaw during the international negotiations on climate change in November 2013. Make your voice count with us this November. […]

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Why the Commission’s punitive solar photovoltaic (PV) imports measures are bad news for Europe

Ch∞nge Partnership with WWF International, Natuur & Milieu and E3G issued a communique to the European Commission requesting immediate withdrawal of plans to impose punitive import duties on solar photovoltaic (PV) equipment entering the EU on Thursday 30 May 2013.

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