phase-out fossil fuel subsidies

EU Climate Law

Change Partnership responded to the EU consultation on an EU-wide climate law that would lock in a zero-carbon by 2050 target. Our recommendations are:

Definition:‘carbon neutrality’ is vague and will lead to a confusing and misleading legislative framework.  Therefore, the legal definition of the target should be ‘zero-carbon’ which refers to all non-negligible quantities of CO2e from production sources. 2050 targets: The EU must set two separate targets for 2050. The first relates to the need to remove all direct CO2e […]

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Today, Change Partnership and other NGOs called for legislators on the EU ETS to ensure that climate policy should not be used to finance coal.

The statement says:
Being serious about the Paris Agreement:
Stop the ETS funding coal,
Start a meaningful carbon price
This Agreement […] aims to […] making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development.
Paris Agreement, Article 2(1)c

We, the undersigned, urgently appeal to Representatives of European Parliament, Council and the European Commission to ensure […]

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Coal in Poland: After the sunset

Change Partnership produced an English version summary of Dr Michal Wilczynski’s report “Coal in Poland: After the sunset”. Dr Wilczynski was the Chief Geologist in Poland and remains the country’s leading expert in coal matters.

The report paints a damning insight into coal production in the country and dispels many myths surrounding is future viability. 

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