Global Warming
The EU has lead international efforts to address climate change. 20:20:20 targets committed the EU to reducing GHG emissions by 20% from 1990 levels, realising final energy savings of 20% and ensuring 20% of final energy consumption came from renewable energy sources by 2020. Now the challenge is to set the right GHG target, as well as targets for energy efficiency, renewables and support for technology innovation for 2030. The 2030 timeline is critical because the EU needs to increase its GHG reduction, as the 20% is less than that required by scientific findings on climate change.

Considerable effort is required to move the European power generation sector away from fossil fuel dependency towards clean power generation from wind, solar and other domestic renewable sources, as well as introducing carbon capture and storage (CCS) on coal and gas-fired power generation. We are committed with setting the correct GHG, renewable, energy savings and innovation financing mechanisms, which are key to pushing action to the level required.