All of our campaigns are about fixing the politics of climate change:

Emissions Trading

Carbon markets are an important tool to address climate change. The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is the largest carbon market but has been blighted by ugly politics which undermined its effective operation. However, this remains the key political battleground. Victory here will unlock political barriers in other countries and regions.
No one should be left behind in the transition to a low-carbon economy. Some workers, fossil fuel intensive regions and countries will require additional support and capacity during the transition to ensure that it is equitable, fair and inclusive.
Companies are a major part of the climate change problem. They can also a key part of the solution. This means revising the legal purpose of corporations to recalibrate how they value assets over the long-term to ensure climate, environmental, health, etc are accurately calculated and accounted.Learn more
The EU has been leading the global effort to address climate change. Agreeing the right 2030 climate and low-carbon energy framework is essential to drive domestic action and spurring action by other developed countries in the new international agreement which is to be agreed in 2015.Learn more