Less than a week away from the June European Council meeting and latest leak of the meetings Conclusions indicates there is movement on the 2030 climate and energy framework. Governments are waiting for this leak of the Energy Efficiency Review from the Commission. Considerable pressure is being put on the Commission to come forward with strong measures on energy savings as the most cost-effective and efficient way to increase economic resilience, address the challenges posed by Ukraine as well as directing investment into the EU labour-intensive parts of the EU economy.  9 ministers wrote to President Barroso on 17 June demanding a ‘binding’ 2030 energy savings target.

There are two problems with the current discussion within the Commission. Commissioner Oettinger is keen to present an intensity target which will be very ineffective and the latest rumours from a high-level meeting with President Barroso and Commissioner Hedegaard indicate that senior leaders within the Commission are failing to protect the best interests of Europe. Friends of the Earth Europe have published a leak of the impact assessment of the 2030 the energy savings targets which again falls short of what leaders are expected to agree in June,

increased efforts to reduce Europe’s high energy dependency and supports the immediate implementation of a set of most urgent measures to strengthen Europe’s resilience and increase its energy security in the short term, before the Winter 2014/2015′.

It will be a considerable let-d0wn by President Barroso if he fails to support the required action to protect European citizens and the economy from serious threats of costly energy imports.